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Bar of Soap


30 Talbot St. W
Aylmer, ON



Hi, I’m Betty from Butter Me Up Soap Company in Aylmer.

It all began in 2014 with some soap-making supplies, a few recipes, labels, and the dream began with the encouragement of my daughter and grand-daughter. Butter Me Up Soap Company was born in a home kitchen with a passion and a vision for a beautiful store-front in Aylmer.

My natural health journey and entrepreneurial spirit began far before Butter Me Up was created. It stemmed from a childhood where soap-making was a regular occurrence; that “doing it yourself” with limited resources was a household motto, wastefulness was unacceptable, and working hard was not just suggested, it was mandatory.

The Inspiration and Motivation

Our family seemed to have “sensitive skin” to many body products over the years and it worried me. At the time, I was unaware of the chemical ingredients in our cleaning and body products and the side effects that went along with them. I thought I could trust what was being sold in stores. Not surprisingly, many of the skin irritations and allergic reactions disappeared when we started using my own natural skincare products and cleaners.

Try It Yourself

Our Aylmer shop and “soap kitchen” hub is open 5 days a week (Tues-Sat) and is located at 30 Talbot Street, West. Come on in and see our selection on everything natural from mineral makeup, cleaning and laundry, baby care, men’s grooming, women’s facial care…and of course, our handmade soap. We also offer zero-waste refill stations for many of our products.

Thank you for supporting local and all-natural.

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Pouring Soap
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