About Us

It was in the industrial and chemical boom that we thought labs and scientists could produce better ingredients than mother nature. Companies discovered that cheap, synthetic chemicals could make our skin soft, our hair shiny, and make hundreds of 'cleansing' bubbles. But at what health expense? Many chemical ingredients have not been tested for long term human health impacts.

Butter Me Up Soap Company believes that the earth provides more than enough ingredients to give us beautiful and healthy skin-without adding harsh and unnatural chemicals. It is our commitment to produce bath and beauty products that are free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, chemicals, and artificial preservatives. Our products are handmade, fresh, local, and scented only with high quality essential oils. 


Butter Me Up Soap Company is a small business proudly located in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada. When you support us, you are supporting a family and a local community. 


Thank you for supporting small business and natural products.